Spa by Malak

Spa by Malak - The place where it's all about you.

Find an oasis of peace and relaxation in the modern Spa by Malak: the spa, health and wellness center of the luxurious Malak Regency Hotel.

Experience moments of relaxation in the indoor pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, relaxation room and massage rooms.

The professional, educated and certified Spa by Malak team is there to provide you with massage, hijama, nutrition and personal training services.

The rich facilities of Spa by Malak offer a unique experience that will relieve you from everyday stress. Spa by Malak offers relaxation and enjoyment in the indoor pool with a constantly maintained temperature and the possibility of using a massager. Complete the atmosphere by going to the Finnish sauna or Turkish hammam, which can be a personal area of relaxation, but also an ambience for socializing with family and friends. Research has shown that using a sauna causes more relaxed and deeper sleep.

After spending time in the sauna, we recommend going to a relaxation room that relaxes the body and brings it into balance after using previous spa services.

Massage helps to relieve stress, relieves pain and encourages increased muscle vitality. If you are exposed to physical and mental effort, or do sports and have muscle problems - it's time to dedicate time to yourself. Indulge in the hands of professional physiotherapists of Spa by Malak and enjoy aromatherapy, relaxation, sports, pharaonic, Thai Stretching and many other massages that you can find in the rich offer of Spa by Malak.

Spa by Malak working hours: Monday - Sunday: 7:00 - 23:00.

Exclusive ladies hours: Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 15:00, with the exception of New Year's holidays. All other terms are for men and women combined.

Contact: + 387 33 777- 227; [email protected]